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The National Center for High Sports Performance (CeNARD) facilities occupy an approximate area of ​​115 thousand square meters with multiple spaces for training and competition, lodging and feeding of the 2,500 athletes who attend daily. Most of Olympic athletes prepare themself for competition using it´s facilities. 


The “Jeannette Campbell” Arena has two swimming pools approved by the International Swimming Federation (FINA), where swimming, synchronized swimming, diving and water polo are performed. There are two indoor and heated swimming pools: the main one is 50 x 25 meter Olympic pool with eight lifts; the second one is a pool for testing ornamental leaps. The Arena is attended annually by 60,000 athletes. The swimming event will be performed in the official swimming pool, while warming up and training will be in the second one, for testing.


It has two synthetic athletics tracks approved by the International Athletics Federation (IAAF). The main track, which bears the name of “Delfo Cabrera” – Olympic champion in marathon in London 1948-, consists of eight lifts and is where day by day the national team athletes face their preparation in their different categories, being in turn scenario of national and international competitions. Approximately 65 thousand athletes attend it per year. The auxiliary track has been replaced in 2007 by a six-level synthetic flooring and baptized as “Osvaldo Suárez”, in homage to the former Argentine multi-champion fondista from the middle of last century. It is used for training and development tournaments.


The “León Najnudel” (#8) Sports Center is the space used mostly by basketball teams to perform the set-up and is intended for the realization of the relevant competitions of various sports. Renovated in 2016, it has an internationally approved floating floor and capacity for 1,250 seated spectators.

This would be the Arena for the Fencing competition. With as many fields as necessary for the amount of competitors.