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All Modern Pentathlon – and it sub sports – shall be organised in accordance with the most recent technical rules of the Union International de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) unless otherwise stated. In the event of a disagreement in the interpretation of these rules, the English text shall be regarded as authoritative.

The programme and duration of competitions are fixed by FISU in agreement with the Organising Committee and the WUC CTI. The competitions shall last a minimum of five (5) days and include individual and relay/ team events.

Each event consists of four or three of the five Modern Pentathlon disciplines: fencing, swimming and laser-run (running and shooting). Competitors achieve points in each discipline according to their performance. The last event is the Combined with a handicap start based on the competitors’ total points from the previous events. Competitors set off at intervals which correspond in seconds to the Pentathlon point’s difference between themselves and the athlete in front. The first athlete across the finish line is the overall winner.

Individual Events

Individual events shall be organised for both genders: women and men. A maximum of six (6) competitors per gender and three (3) officials per country and event can be entered. The OC and WUC CTI can limit the number per nation to four (4).

Should the total number of competitors exceed 36, qualification competitions and a final (with 36 competitors) shall be organised; according to the UIPM technical rules.

Modern Tetrathlon

It consists of the following disciplines: Fencing, swimming and laser-run (running and shooting).


Each athlete will fence against all other athletes (round robin) with an electric épée for one hit within a time limit of 1 minute. If the number of total fencers is less than 20, it will be necessary to fence two rounds consecutively, without the fencers leaving the piste. If a hit is not scored within the time, both competitors register a defeat.

A bonus round will be organised indoors directly after the round robin or later outdoors before the laser-run. Athletes will fence against each other in a “ladder system”. The start list is based on the results of the fencing round robin, with the 2 lowest ranked athletes fencing each other first. The winner stays and fences the next higher ranked athlete. The time limit for each bout is 30 seconds.


The swimming discipline is a 200 meters freestyle race. Athletes will be seeded into heats according to their personal best time achieved in the last 12 months in the same discipline.

Laser-Run (running and shooting)

The shooting is carried out with Laser Pistols and electronic laser targets. 

The competitor with the most points after 2 disciplines starts first in the laser-run. The remaining athletes start with time handicaps (one second for every Modern Pentathlon point after two MP disciplines).

The laser-run consists of four (4) series of shooting and a total distance of 3200m (4x800m) running. Starting with a short run; first shooting (5 targets hits to be shot); 800m running; followed by three (3) more series of shooting and running.

Mixed Relay Event

Team of 2 athletes: 1 woman and 1 man.

The Mixed Relay event allows up to 24 relay teams on two competitors to compete in one day. Each team consists of two athletes from the same country. A maximum of two (2) teams per country areallowed.

If there are less than 16 teams, International FISU Mixed Relay Teams composed of athletes from different countries can be allowed to participate in the Mixed-Relay Event, if the OC resources permitting. International FISU Mixed Relay Teams are not entitled to win medals.


Three (3) months before the Championship, the Organising Committee has the right to collect 25% of the total cost of stay per athlete and official from participating countries.


Nomination and costs

ITO’s shall be appointed jointly by UIPM and FISU. Their costs of travel and per diem will be covered by UIPM while full board will be covered by the OC.

Number of Technical Officials needed

For the WUC, two (2) ITOs are needed. The host country’s resources are considered.