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The Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires is the Capital city of Argentina. It is an autonomus district, the major one which receives every day a population of 10.000.000 people that comes to work from the surroundings, along with the 3 million already living there. 

It is famous in the most various ways. It is surrounded by the De La Plata River, which divides the Argentinean territory with the Uruguayan cost. 

It is a very cosmopolitan city, specially because of the big waves of immigrants that came at the beginning of the 20th Century, during both world wars and later ones from the neighbour countries. It is a friendly territory open to everyone that wants to experience, know it, live in it. 

It has plenty neighbourhoods that become part of its touristic attractions because of the particular mixture of cultures on them: this is the case of San Telmo and La Boca, Recoleta and some others.

In terms of sports, it has the legacy of the Youth Olympic Games, held in the city on 2018. It was the biggest event organized not only  in the city but in the country as well, and it has leave better sport infrastructure and a lot of experience in the human resources that were part of the organizing committee. 

Buenos Aires is more than ready to receive the world university Championship of Modern Pentathlon and will be a great experience for the participants.