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FISU HEALTHY CAMPUS: Improving student health and well-being on campus

Proposed and developed by the International University Sports Federation, the FISU Healthy Campus programme aims to enhance all aspects of well-being for students and the campus community at large. Looking to reverse the well-established trend of young adults compromising their health during their academic careers, the initiative is already having a positive impact on the lives and lifestyles of university students around the world.

The programme holds steadfast to the belief that universities should be an enabling environment, a gateway encouraging its attendees to practice a healthy and sustainable lifestyle where access and opportunity in the areas of physical activity, health and nutrition are a daily part of campus life. 

Since FISU’s founding in 1949, the Federation has been a key driver to expand the role and reach of university sports worldwide. Best known for its sporting and educational events, the Healthy Campus programme helps expand FISU’s social responsibility to reach a larger number of students, schools, and university employees.

To cater to the diverse demands of students and staff, the programme has established a cross-cutting approach that includes not only physical activity but also healthy campus management, mental and social health, nutrition, disease prevention, risk behaviour, environment, social responsibility and sustainability.

With the Healthy Campus programme, universities embed concrete health and wellness resources into all aspects of campus life and culture.